Our Services

Our Modeling services help you make decisions confidently, enhance your results, and help you get ahead of key issues.
Whatif-Modelling brings deep experience in valuing, modeling, and analyzing business interests and their underlying complex financial instruments, unlocking their value in todays marketplace. We help clients achieve their strategic objectives through the use of whatif answers by making interactive, two-way modeling and financial analysis. To maximize returns and reduce risk.

Dynamic dashboards

Manupulting dashboard, by finger or any other touching device. Not by changing the numbers. Just changing the figures.

Data visualization

Any change of the data in the model, of what kind so ever, reflects directly, online, in adjusted visuals.

Financial models

Any industry, whatever business he is in, has eventually to make financial decisions. Risk, in any form as a future measurement, is part of this modelling.


Doing modelling makes us also an knwoledge base of innovative and highly specialised knowhow.

2-Way calculations

Traditional modelling techniques are out of cope. We developed a highly innovative 2-way calcualtion technique, by making it possible changing outcomes to input variables.

Custom coding

Everything is possible. Want to connect to your API? We can make custom conncetions.


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