About Us

Whatif-Modelling has a single focus. Serving our clients and helping them solve their complex consulting and decisions processes to life in unexpected ways. Through Whatifolution patented 2-way technology in a state of the art dynamic innovation.

A new level

Our goal is to add a new level to decision processes and predictive analytics in the world of modelling. Nowadays financial decisionmaking is being controlle by alleged dynamic models in excel, one off the solutions, just like the static world of dashboard providers

Uniform models

There is a high demand for new models with applied advanced intuitive visual technology, which ca lead to great insight of the why of the decision making process. With supplementary the possibility to make and measure the predictions.

Financial analyses

All industries are in a quest for models with a wide range of possible financial scenario testing without losing the big picture. Combined with more accurate and customer oriented mdoelling. Which results in a great demand for providers who can deliver all these elements in one user friendly package.

Unique technique

The by whatifolution developed modelling technique is unique in the world of modelling. Locking line lements, applying contraints, interrelationships, but above all flipping the direction of the calculation form top-down to bottum-up.

Whatif 2-way manipulation

Each chart on its manipulating level can either be changed by manual input or by chart manipulation. By locking one or more line items optimization is self explanatory. Constraints are touched and limits are adjusted. Just by clicking and moving the contraint line, limits can be changed. The cash stream can be influenced. By changing the direction of the input the model can be reverse calculated. A deeper insight in the effects of choices, combined with more accurate modelling, is given. The modelling process is changed from cumbersome to a customer oriented challenging job.