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The next generation of financial modelling software.

Build models effortlessly with no-code modelling software. We bring complexity back to simplicity by making data modelling interactive with Two-Way calculation, in a One-view concept. Using interactive dashboards and data adjustments through graphs.

Meet Algodyn

Our most advanced no-code modelling platform so far!

Our key features

No-code modelling

Intuitive modelling without using all kinds of complex formulas and coding. Models always do what they are supposed to do because of pre-programmed functionalities.

Two-way calculation

Easy and intuitive data modelling through adjusting data from input to output, and from output to input.

Bottleneck insights

From the perspective of value creation, you gain insight into limitations for growth, cash and value.

Data adjustments through graphs

Visually driven, you always have the most important goals and parameters at hand in one screen. This allows you to model and analyze in a unique, fast and intuitive way.

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