Revolutionary data modelling software for optimum growth, cash and value.

Decision makers must measure out “what if” scenarios almost daily. Current decision making is often done with spreadsheets which are prone to errors. It requires a time consuming repeating process of changing the underlying data and producing new output. Along with a high risk of mistakes and loss of overview. Decision makers need to get better insight by executing ‘what if’ scenario’s more reliable, flexible and faster. Whatifolution is the leading partner for companies who desire simplified decision making.

We believe that decision making is essentially based on three basic organizational needs: growth, cash and value.  Therefor data modelling should be fast and effective.

We bring complexity back to simplicity by making data modelling interactive with Two-way calculation, in a One-view concept.

Whatifolution makes decision making simple, fast and effective. With its dynamic and intuitive data modelling technology, Whatifolution contributes to the success of literally every business in the world.

Whatifolution. All about revolutionary data modelling.

Let’s make decision making
simple, fast and effective.

Decision makers need to get better insight by executing ‘what if’ scenario’s more reliable, flexible and faster. Insights based on visual alterations without having to return into the spreadsheet or database to change the data for each ‘what if’ scenario.

Whatifolution brings complexity back to simplicity by making data manipulation interactive. With the movement of a mouse or the touch of a finger, a decision maker can ask multiple ‘what if’ questions by simply moving a line on the chart or adjusting a control button and seeing directly how changing one factor affects everything else.

Our unique patented technology correlates and links interrelated graphs to each other and to the underlying data sets. That allows a decision maker to change a graph or chart and immediately alter the underlying data as well as to immediately see how other related graphics are altered as well. It essentially creates a Two-way communication between the multiple graphics and data sets.

A powerful control button has been designed to make settings and changes interactive, which means that setting screens are no longer required. The dial is made multi-functionally. By clicking and turning you can call up different settings within one item in a powerful and reliable way.

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